Why Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Are Popular?

Boxes are available in different forms, styles, and sizes. The choice of boxes depends on the purpose. Amongst these, there is the corrugated box popular for shipping and shifting purposes. People and businesses need to deliver their products to several locations near and far as well as to foreign lands. These boxes are a great solution for the majority of businesses.

Belley offers the finest customized corrugated cardboard boxes at affordable price as it is the largest cardboard buyer in the North east. Each box gets designed to customers’ needs. The structural design gets determined around the product weight and size. Even if you have no space to store boxes, Belley offers space at their warehouses located in several places.

Corrugated boxes are omnipresent. The pizza you get delivered comes in corrugated boxes. The appliances you get are also packed in corrugated boxes. It is estimated that more than 95% of items shipped within and outside the US are in corrugated boxes. A study even reveals that million tons of corrugated cartons get recycled every year.

Why is a corrugated box so popular?

Appropriate for shipping fragile things

Corrugated cartons offer better protection to fragile supplies during delivery. Nevertheless, paired with proper cushioning, blocking, and bracing, the packed item offers impermeable protection against external factors. Several factors make corrugated material the best packaging material for transport.

  • The box exterior is thick, so the interior supplies stay tight and secure.
  • The box is crush-resistant, so can get stacked without any concerns about physical damage internally or externally.
  • The dense carton structure makes it durable, so the shipping of a shapeless item is convenient.
  • Lightweight option to other shipping materials like crate or wood, whose weight & size can make shipping some items challenging.

Eco-friendly and Customizable 

Corrugated boxes offer versatility in terms of thickness. You get cardboard thickness ranging from least to most durable.

  • Single wall – A single fluted liner is glued within two cardboard boards on the outside. A great choice for items that are not easy to break.
  • Double-wall – It offers an extra protection layer than the single wall. The boxes are strong for stacking and suitable for heavy product packaging.
  • Triple wall – It is a cardboard replacement for the wood crates. It is an ideal option for delivering industrial-grade heavy products.

The liner or the flutes to choose from are B, C, and E flutes. Remember, the better the flute the stronger the wall of the box.

  • B – 1/8th of an inch. Used in small cartons that generally don’t carry heavy items.
  • C- 3/16th of an inch. Generally preferred for shipping daily items.
  • E- 3/32th of an inch. Thinnest and durable flutes are seen in the pizza boxes.

A great recyclable material, which can get reused for as long as it serves!

Post Author: Hattie Braden