Using Bed Bug Heaters to Free your Hotel of Infestations

When bed bugs get into your hotel, you may not be able to control its spread, and getting rid of them all can be frustrating. They can ruin your guests’ experience and your business reputation. You must use the best methods to kill bed bugs to prevent them from spreading and coming back. One of the most effective methods is to kill them with heat. This works by using Hotel Bed Bug Heaters by PestPro Thermal. These heaters can be thermostatically controlled not to exceed 135 F, making them a safe, eco-friendly pest control option. These units are wheeled in and set up in the room, together with fans to distribute the heat evenly.

How Heat Treatment Works

The treatment process starts with the introduction of heat into the affected area to eliminate all stages of bed bugs. Technicians will strategically place bed bug heaters and high heat air movers in the treatment area to raise the temperature to 135 degrees F and guarantee total heat saturations. Specially designed air movers circulate heated air throughout the treatment area. Close monitoring is performed using independent infrared technology to ensure lethal temperatures have been maintained throughout the treatment process. Treatment time varies according to factors like clutter, structure and space layout, the severity of the infestation, and airflow management.

Benefits of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is ideal for hotels and other businesses that need a 100% eco-friendly solution. Heat does not leave any residuals and kills all life stages of bed bugs, from eggs to adults. This treatment method requires just one treatment visit and can be accomplished in one day. Thus, your hotel will be bedbug-free in one day.

According to studies, bed bugs can become resistant to chemicals and adapt to living in dangerous environments. Thus, treating bed bugs with chemicals may not be always effective. Meanwhile, heat treatments fully deal with all the bugs in a structure, even those that have developed resistance to chemicals.

Things to Keep in Mind when Using Heat for Bed Bugs

Bringing and keeping the temperature of a structure up to at least 125 degrees F is not easy. Heat treatments are performed using industrial-strength fans, sensors, and temperature regulated heaters. Also, it is imperative to have a certified pest control professional to administer the treatment to prevent property damage and loss of life. The right professional knows which items can get damaged or destroyed during the treatment. Also, they will outline some things you must do to get ready for your treatment day.

Post Author: Hattie Braden