Business 101: Learn More About Device Deployment Services

Every big and small company has to depend on technology in varied forms to accelerate productivity and time efficiency at the workplace. Simply put, digital transformation is not a choice anymore. This also means buying hundreds of devices like laptops, tablets, phones, and personal gadgets for employees, so that they can work better and more efficiently. For a company, deploying so many devices with the right settings and ensuring repairs from time to time, can be complicated tasks. This is precisely when outsourcing corporate computer solutions comes in handy. Device deployment services are extremely handy, and in this post, we are talking more on that.

Why outsource device deployment and repairs?

Dealing with five or ten devices doesn’t require a lot of expertise, manpower or knowledge, but repairs would still require professional assistance. When the same is being done on a large scale, things can be even more confusing. That’s were device deployment services come in handy. So, what do such companies offer?

  • Procuring and unpacking devices
  • Dealing with hundreds of devices at the same time
  • Managing varied devices, including phones, tablets and laptops
  • Creating necessary settings for intended deployment use
  • Offering device protection programs
  • Helping with factory warranty facilitation
  • Repairs as and when needed
  • And finally, end-of-life recycling programs.

Typically, the average lifecycle of a device like an iPad or laptop is considered to be four years, and during this period, repairs may be needed time and again. As such, end-to-end deployment and repair services are always handy. To add to that, these companies can work in a budget and make things happen in a short time. No matter what kind of device you are procuring for your company, you can expect them to handle everything as per your requirements, within the desired timeline.

Making a choice

When it comes to selecting an end-to-end deployment service, don’t be tempted to select one that’s cheap or offers the lowest quote. You don’t want to spend on the same devices again for at least four years, so trying to cut down costs is a big mistake. Find a company that can offer considerable support, which extends to picking up devices for repairs and handling large orders. Do get an estimate for the job, and ask about recycling programs, which is a great thing your company can do for the environment.

Check online for device deployment services now and review their offerings.

Post Author: Hattie Braden