Three Ways That AI Can Help Your Business Today

When you have a business, you will most likely be collecting a vast amount of data, and many companies do not put this to work for their business, so they are missing out. You can use this data to transform how you operate and automate processes to help improve the service you provide to your customers and streamline your operation. Below are three ways your business can benefit from AI that you may wish to consider adopting for your company.

Automating Processes

Process automation is one of the most common uses for AI that you find in the business world. You can automate many processes in your business, and some of them may surprise you. You can use automated chatbots on your website to speak to clients, direct them to where they need to go, transfer information from emails or your CRM to a computer system, and update your files. Banks use this type of automation to replace lost or stolen credit and debit cards, and you can also use it to read formal documents, extract the provisions and rewrite these in plain English. You can install many automatic systems in your business, and they will all have some AI element to them.

Cognitive Insight In Your Business

You can also use AI to give you cognitive insight into your business and use this to assist you with planning and analysing how your company is performing. It will take a lot of data to get to this level, and you will require machine learning consulting services to assist you with this. You can use cognitive insight to help with many areas of your business, including:

  • Predict what customers will purchase.
  • Help to identify credit and debit card fraud in real time.
  • Provide industries such as insurance with highly accurate business models.
  • Use it to target specific adverts to people that the ad is relevant to.
  • Analyse warranty information to ensure the safety of your products and highlight potential issues.

 Cognitive Engagement In Your Business

You can also use AI to help engage with both your customers and your employees, saving time and effort for various departments. You can use it for things such as:

  • Provide 24 hour customer service through automated chat facilities to direct customer enquiries to the correct department.
  • Use it on your internal site for employees to answer questions and book holidays.
  • Service and product recommendations for customers to help anticipate their needs and engage with them.

These are just a few of the ways you can use AI to help streamline your business and help it grow, but there are more besides. It can be used in various industries and will soon become the norm in business worldwide. If you do not already use AI in your business, you should consider it before your competitors leave you in their wake.

Post Author: Hattie Braden