Tapping Into the Power of Facebook Messenger Chatbots to Help your Business Grow

If your business is like others, you probably get questions, complaints, or comments on Facebook from customers.  Customers like to get a quick response from businesses and chatbots can help you in delivering the right answer to your customers’ questions.

Should you Use Chatbots?

These days, more and more people are turning to social media messaging including Facebook messenger to contact businesses for their concerns, questions, and comments. Although you can use some tools to manage the influx of customer messages, they are not always enough, especially if social users are used to a timely response from your business.

With Facebook Bot, you can automatically offer customers immediate responses. Chatbots can answer basic questions such as those about your return policy. As a result, your customer service will have more time in handling more serious customer concerns or problems. Some chatbots can even offer automated services such as wireless bank transactions. Keep in mind that making it easier for them to work will mean more money for your business.

Setting Up Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Specific Purposes

Facebook Messenger chatbots can be set up to serve the following purposes:

  • Delivering personalized content experience. Businesses use chatbox to concentrate only on content. They use chatbots as an extension of their content marketing strategy. They nurture relationships with clients and offer immediate value without any work on the part of the user. When creating a chatbot to offer customized content for your audience, treat it like content marketing. Also, make sure your website has a responsive design.
  • Answer common questions from customers. You can use chatbots for giving customer service. If your customers ask the same questions over and over again, a  chatbot can field some of these questions. You need to teach the bots what to say. When you make a customer service chatbot, ensure the customers can contact an agent if necessary. Also, inform users they are working with an automated response system. In case you need personal information to verify the identity of a user, direct the person to customer service through a phone number or your website.
  • Streamline customer purchases. Although artificial intelligence won’t be as effective as a talented person, chatbots made to sell can help you in boosting sales and increasing your profit. Chatbots can be used for showing customers the products they are looking for and process sales through messenger.

  • Design your chatbots to entertain. Are you looking to build and nurture relationships with your customers? If so, design your Free Facebook Bot to entertain these people. Users can choose to get future messages from you and you can send games, fun facts, content to entertain them.
  • Give specialized services. Many businesses have developed their own mobile applications that provide automated services; however, if you want to take this step further, consider creating chatbots that offer these services in the Messenger app itself. When you create this kind of chatbot, offer present, clickable menus to navigate your automated services. This way, people will know what services you offer.

Post Author: Hattie Braden