Digital Team Collaboration Made Easy

In 2020, many companies went virtual due to the pandemic. You could not go to the office to collaborate and meet with your team members. Team leaders found ways to work together and assist employees virtually. In the past two years, company leaders continue to implement new assistive technology to facilitate their workdays. Previously, management and team leaders would stand in front of their employees and draw on a white board to collaborate. Today, a digital project board is the must-have virtual device for every office.


You can customize a project board to accommodate your company’s needs. Do you need to set up recurring tasks? Would you like specific task priorities highlighted? A virtual project board allows you to tailor each project with reminders, priorities, and task lists. You can allow your team members to update, collaborate, and edit. You can change permissions for each group member to allow them to have full administrative access to edit, view-only, or anything in between.


You can personalize your digital boards with fun themes, graphics, and colors. You can also highlight important areas of the project board with bold colors and company theme colors. Personalization makes collaboration fun and exciting.


Digital boards offer an integrated chat system. Your employees and team members do not have to leave the platform to discuss ideas, make comments, or ask someone for help. Team leaders and members of management can send out notices to a large chat group or simultaneously to every single member of the group.


The best digital boards offer storage on a cloud. You can access your documents, notes, files, chats, and every other aspect of the digital board from your computer. You can store your digital media on the cloud and give access to as many or little team members as you need. It makes sharing media and files easy. You do not have to worry about an important document being left on a hard drive that cannot be accessed. Instead, every document is available at the click of your button.


The best digital boards offer limited cloud storage on their free plans. For example, a free plan may consist of 1GB storage while a premium plan includes 100GB. Generally, a business plan is the most expensive option but also offers the most storage and features.



Post Author: Hattie Braden