Repair For Your Asphalt Parking Lot: Things To Know

Thanks to extreme temperatures, asphalt pavements and parking lots in Phoenix may need more frequent repairs than expected. While asphalt remains a suitable and preferred material for construction and real estate needs for the right reasons, paving may need repairs at some point. The typical damage to asphalt paving and parking lots is related to cracking and potholes. The increasing temperatures in summer only make things worse. Instead of waiting for the damage to get worse, you may want to call a contractor for repairs right away. In this post, we are sharing more on how to find a contractor for an asphalt repair job, besides other things that matter.

Need for repairs

When you first find early signs of asphalt damage in form of cracks, you have to consider fixing the same, before potholes become apparent. Potholes, unless too large, can be easily repaired and filled, without impacting the entire parking area. However, in case there is a compromise in the base layer, it may be necessary to remove the asphalt paving entirely and getting replacement, which obviously is more expensive.

Focus on maintenance

Commercial real estate owners should consider asphalt maintenance as a part of their expenses. If your parking lot is well-maintained, it reduces your liabilities in many ways. For instance, if a customer got injured because of a trip & fall case, he may choose to sue your company, or can file a personal injury claim. Also, maintained asphalt paving always looks good and adds to the value of your property. Structural failure and need for extensive repairs are unlikely if you spend on maintenance and preventive care from time to time.

Finding a local service for asphalt repairs

Thankfully, you will find many known contractors for asphalt repairs and installation in Phoenix, and below are some things to mark –

  1. Ensure that the company is licensed, insured
  2. Check if they have good reviews, or else, ask for references
  3. Get an inspection done first
  4. Make sure that they offer an estimate for the job in advance
  5. Check if any warranties are applicable on new asphalt parking lots or repairs

Finally, always work with an asphalt contractor with repute. They should specialize in commercial sector and must be capable of offering customized assistance for the right price. Don’t shy away from asking details related to their work process, and insist on getting a warranty on extensive repair jobs.

Post Author: Hattie Braden