How is Peruzzo Working to Meet Customer Satisfaction Needs?

Driven by talent and recognizing the need for lawn equipment for municipal and sports maintenance Peruzzo Srl shifted its focus from mainly agricultural things to engineering sports courses maintenance equipment and shredders to obtain biomasses for electricity purposes. It is creating capable cutting and collection technologies, as well as a vertical cutting operation for professional maintenance. Peruzzo technicians are always inventing and seeking to improve the natural waste chipper or shredders for supporting the environment’s quality.

Their priority would be customer satisfaction, which has resulted in high-quality standards for its equipment, worker safety, working conditions, and manufacturing output. They obtain numerous patents as proof of the originality of Peruzzo products.

Use of equipment

All Peruzzo equipment has been built by agricultural and grass engineers with the assistance of 3D computer software, and production has been managed to ensure timely machine and part delivery.

Production value is prioritized, and all mowing batches are tested with a unique electrical tractor at varying speeds before delivery.

All Peruzzo machinery parts are hand-washed and powder-coated to ensure high quality.

Every stage of production is carried out using cutting-edge technology like laser cutting and robotic welding.

What is a mower machine in agriculture?

Farmers use a variety of machines to keep their crops healthy, fresh, and ready for harvest. One such machine is the mower machine. Mowers are used in agriculture and they cut grass lower than an inch to prevent weed growth and make the fields more aerated and less compacted. The blades on a mower can be set as high or low as desired to cut grass at various heights.

Mowers are also called grass trimmers, and they typically use a gasoline motor. Mowers are used in residential yards as well, but they are most commonly found on farms where large, open fields need to be kept smooth and tidy when the grass is allowed to grow too long.

A mower machine normally has a cutting blade that is mounted on wheels underneath the mower on an axle. The wheels allow the mower to move forward or backward easily. When the mower moves, the wheels turn the cutting blade, which cuts down and across the grass. Some mowers have one blade, while others have double blades for cutting. Larger mowers with more than one blade can be set to cut at a variety of heights.

The ease of pulling mowers

Some mowers are small and can be pulled by a small tractor or simply pushed to move them into position. Larger tractors are used to pull larger mowers that may also have a small lawnmower as part of their assembly.

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