Critical Steps To Follow To Get Your Office Move Right

For any employer, deciding to relocate to a new office space is important in any growing company. The substantial investment in the future of your business, when used correctly, can take your brand to the next level. I want to give you an overview of the process and highlight some essential areas for consideration in the design process. Creating a modern, well-lit flexible workspace will energise and encourage your workforce, enabling them to be focused and productive.

The First Steps

Planning a move is a massive decision that should be a team effort; identifying critical needs and forming a basic idea of your needs is essential. These first parts of the process are –

  • Create an internal project team or manager to control the objectives and budgetary requirements of the process internally.
  • Research your topic, use the internet and search for ‘office fit-out Gloucester’ or something similar; take some time to view products and systems that might work for you.
  • Identify your company’s needs and long-term strategy, analyse your aspirations and possible limitations.
  • Search for possible commercial buildings or locations for your company’s new home.
  • Choose your installation specialist, if time allows, engage multiple options, and select the best suited to your needs.

Managing The Design Process

Having contacted your relocation partner and had initial meetings make use of their experience and expertise to identify key goals in architectural, electrical, and mechanical areas. Utilise the benefits of their design process, including computer-aided design programmes to enable your new workspace to take shape. The process should take the following steps –

  • Design development should include choices in décor, furniture, floorplan and consider different options in colour and materials.
  • Final design completion should involve all parties should collaborate and amending the design until all goals are achieved.
  • Approval, as the business owner, you should agree the final design.

The Big Move

The disruption to your business must be kept to a minimum during the move to your newly designed office premises, and your relocation partner should be experienced in ensuring the process proceeds smoothly; the critical next steps are –

  • Leading into the move, effectively communicate with your staff to keep them informed while also maintaining an eye on productivity.
  • The build and furniture installation takes place at your new premises, be at the forefront of the process, identify any issues and engage with the installers.
  • Commercial dilapidation clauses mean you have to leave your old office as you found it; make sure this is in hand.
  • Make the big move – get the best recommendations from your relocation partner, brief staff and set up welcome sessions for the workplace for best results.
  • Once settled, review the move with your internal team and move partner; the inevitable minor issues or problems will need prompt solutions.
  • Final assessment can include staff input into their new surroundings review productivity to ensure all is working as it should.

By sourcing a well-established relocation specialist and following these procedural steps, you have a valuable starting point for any office move. I hope you have all the information needed to produce a new workplace that is a valuable asset to your growing business.

Post Author: Hattie Braden