What Is Chocolate Tempering? Here’s An Overview!

If you love chocolates and enjoy buying products that contain chocolate, it certainly makes sense to have a fair idea of tempering. In simple words, tempering is the process of improving hardness and consistency of a product, by first heating it and then cooling it. Chocolate needs to be tempered to get the glossy finish and smooth taste, and in the industrial sector, this is done with help of a chocolate tempering machine. In this post, we are decoding what it means to temper chocolate with relevant aspects that matter.

How is this done?

Tempering chocolate, as many experts may agree, is a meticulous process, although it may seem rather easy on paper. Solid chocolate is first melted, so that the crystals that are found in cocoa butter breaks down. This is usually done at a temperature of 120F. Once the chocolate has melted well, it must be the cooled down, which is the process of tempering, and at this point, the temperature is somewhere around 80F. The step will cause the chocolate to re-solidify again, following which the temperature is again raised, so that the batter can be then poured into various molds to get the desired shape and size. All kinds of chocolate, including milk chocolate, can be tempered, and it is done by all manufacturers and individual chocolatiers to get the best taste from the cocoa.

Why is chocolate tempering necessary?

Well, tempering allows to create chocolate products that taste better and definitely look good. The most loved chocolate products in the market are made by tempering chocolate, or else, the end product will always look discolored with grey streaks in it.

How is tempering done?

There are machines available for chocolate tempering, and these do away with the need for any calculation. In industrial setups, buying chocolate tempering machines is an absolute necessity, and at home, you can buy small handy machines, or can use a digital thermometer to get the temperatures right. The quality and process of chocolate tempering makes a huge difference to the taste, and it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the machine you buy is a reliable one, especially if you want to start your own business of chocolate.

Done right, chocolate tempering can transform the taste of end products, and there are companies that specialize in making these machines, which are ideal for small and large businesses alike. Don’t ignore the need for tempering chocolate.

Post Author: Hattie Braden