What is a Rural Business Support Group?

Rural businesses do not have access to the same resources that urban businesses do, and in the UK, there are rural business support groups, who provide help in many ways. Of course, there is always local authority assistance, but that is rather limited, and when a group of small, local businesses come together, they can create an organisation that offers practical solutions to issues.

Helping Business Owners with Comprehension

Let’s take as an example, a potato farmer who is about to sign a contract of supply with a large supermarket chain, and he may not fully understand the terms and conditions of the contract, which is usually written in complex language. The rural business support group would translate the document in such a way that the farmer would fully understand. There is a Rural Policy Group that is managed by Mark Lumsdon-Taylor and they offer rural businesses this service, as well as many others.

Business Finance

There are times when rural businesses face difficult times, which might be due to the climate, or even the global pandemic, Covid-19, which is currently affecting many UK businesses. In some cases, the rural business support group can provide funding, as they would have associations with commercial banks who might be able to offer a short-term loan.

Online Resources

Many farmers do not know how to search for information online, and the rural business support group would hold short sessions when they teach people how to make the best out of online resources. The farming community can greatly benefit from online information about every aspect of their industry, and once a person knows how to search for specific information, they no longer require assistance.

Merging with the Local Community

This is a vital component of rural commerce and if the community is more aware of their businesses and what they offer, they will be more inclined to use a local service, rather than a large company that operates in the area. The group would hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings, during which community members can ask their local businesses question, and when the community and its businesses come together, the community benefits in more ways than one.

If you search online, you will find details of a rural business support group in your area and they can offer your business a range of support services that are designed specifically for rural enterprises.

Post Author: Hattie Braden