What Do You Need To Know About Food Tourism?

Two of the best things in life are eating well and traveling. When they come together, we have the so-called gastronomic tourism. For those who enjoy new experiences, cuisine is one of the best ways to know a place and its people.

Find out on international kitchen, how to practice gastronomic tourism that keeps incredible flavors for you.

What Is Food Tourism?

Gastronomy is part of any trip, because even without looking it is difficult not to eat a typical dish when we travel. But in the case of this type of tourism, the experience is deeper.

The trip may not be motivated only by gastronomy, but this type of tourism occurs with the practice of activities related to it. For example, participation in events, knowledge about ingredients and production processes, and, of course, tasting typical dishes. All this makes the person have a cultural immersion-based entirely on gastronomy.

How To Organize A Trip From The Gastronomic Point Of View

The combination of traveling and discovering the best gastronomy of each place is a perfect tandem for many. A large part of travelers seeks, among other things, to enjoy good food on their getaways and vacations. But, to get this gastronomic experience on your next trip, you need to know how to search and find the best restaurants in each destination. And how is that done? Consulting the complete restaurant guides that we share below. We give you some tips, so you don’t spend hours researching restaurants in your holiday destination and still manage to eat in the best places or discover charming establishments.

Social Networks

Social networks are a good place to find graphic material about the restaurants and venues that you find in your vacation destination. If you pass near an establishment that you think is worthwhile, just put its name preferably on Instagram, and images of the dishes and experiences that users have shared on their profiles will appear. Once this is done, judge for yourself! Don’t they say that many times you eat through your eyes? This is your chance to do so and decide if you want to complete the visual gastronomic feast in person.

Contact With Local People

Another good tip is the oldest in the world. Neither technology nor new methods, ask. Local people or whoever you know can help you, of course. To the apartment owners, you rent, to the newsstand where you buy the press, or to the greengrocer on the corner of the street where you are staying. Indeed, in most cases, you will meet friendly people willing to recommend the best places to enjoy your stay in their land.


Walking past a restaurant, seeing that it is full or has an atmosphere, and feeling a connection invites you to enter. This is what happens to us many times. But if before trusting your instinct 100%, you prefer to do a quick search on the Internet or on our website international kitchen to make sure that the experiences of other users are positive, now, yes, we tell you where to find information about it.

Post Author: Hattie Braden