The Significance of Passive Fire Protection in Buildings

Every Australian building needs a passive fire protection system, it saves lives and prevents property damage. Items such as fire extinguishers and fire alarms are known as active fire protection measures. Their job is to detect the threat of a fire and hopefully stop it before it gets out of hand. Having active fire protection isn’t enough, you need to install passive fire protection measures to improve safety.

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Many business owners have never heard of active or passive fire protection systems. Passive fire protection is designed to stop fires and smoke from spreading. The system makes use of various items that are installed to cut progress. They prevent the spread of flames and fire, limiting them to certain parts of the building.

Passive fire protection helps to control a fire and its smoke, this system saves lives and reduces destruction of property. Although the system is named as passive, it is always in place and ready to act the moment something happens. Passive systems have all kinds of objects in place to stop the spread of fire, smoke and other toxins. These barriers can include everything from fire walls to penetration sealing.

Choosing a Passive Fire Protection Specialist

When looking for an expert in passive fire protection in Australia, make sure you work with a company who are recognised for their professionalism and success. Passive fire protection is a legal requirement, building owners are responsible for maintaining systems and carrying out routine checks, so selecting the right company to work with makes a huge difference.

  • Check their Background

It doesn’t matter if the fire protection company has been working in the industry for over 10 years, you should still carry out a background check. Their history is worth knowing before you trust them to take care of your building. If they’ve been performing well in the industry for many years, it should show when you do your research. The information you find in the background check will help you decide whether they are worth the money they’ve quoted for their services.

  • Client Reviews

Aside from checking their background history, you should also try and get in touch with businesses or individuals who have used or are currently using their service. If you know of any other building owner who use passive fire protection services, ask about their experiences. Personal recommendations are always a good place to start, you can only gauge so much from reading off the internet.

A reputable fire protection company will have many clients willing to vouch for their services. You’ll be working with them for many years, so make sure you select a company with excellent customer service ratings.

Choosing a passive fire protection service is a big decision, it isn’t something you should take lightly. Even after the installation period, you’ll be working with them for many years on inspections and maintenance tasks. Passive fire protection is crucial for your building, it acts as a safety net, ensuring people are safe inside the property even when a fire breaks out.

Post Author: Hattie Braden