The Dangers of Digital Marketing

During the lockdown, nearly all marketing channels went digital, and the impact of digital marketing of consumer behaviour is influencing the industry by compelling firms to adjust their digital marketing approach and strategy. Consumer behaviour data are required by businesses all around the world, because they are constantly striving to enhance their customer experience and, as a result, generate more income but, how does that affect the consumer?

What is consumer behaviour?

Quite simply, the same as any other kind of behaviour, an action or, reaction based upon what the person is presented with. The trouble is that people are flooded with so much information that their brains aren’t able to filter things properly, causing knee jerk reactions or, the decisions that they wouldn’t usually have made. Behaviour and influence go hand in hand, which means that with the use of digital marketing techniques a company can change the way a person behaves.

For those that are aware

Some people are well aware of the techniques used these days by companies like and as such use various methods to control what they see and, what they don’t see. As an example, surfing the net in ‘incognito’ mode or using VPN’s as well as other software-based tools can help to prevent a person being bombarded with targeted ads. Those people probably live a happier, healthier life.

For those that aren’t

Probably won’t be reading this, however, it is important to point out that the area of digital marketing doesn’t stop at services and products. Consider political agendas and other important world affairs, those same people who are open to manipulation are in real danger, especially if, ‘unaware’ and spending the majority of their day on things like social media- a recipe for disaster there.

Most of influential material is artificially generated!

Most of the driven content that you will see on the internet these days isn’t the result of somebody sat there carefully planning and designing content that is designed to help a person. The chances are that, if you see an advert or ‘random influential information’ that there’s absolutely nothing ‘random’ about it.

There has been some extremely advanced mathematics involved and, it will have been a machine that has crunched the numbers that produced the result.

The amount of data that the AI uses are absolutely insane, they are able to process enough data or, solve puzzles based upon your Internet history that, they can promote something to you that you probably need or, will look at in the future, you just hadn’t quite gotten there just yet.

Post Author: Hattie Braden