The Benefits Of Hiring a Crane Rather Than Purchasing It.

If you feel that it’s time to expand your contracting business and you have been considering purchasing a crane, then you are not alone because there are multiple contractors all across Perth who are thinking the exact same thing that you are. It is a significant investment purchasing a crane and you’re looking at least half $1 million for something that can do everything that you need it to do. This is a lot of your money that is tied up in one single piece of plant and so it bears consideration.

You have two options here and one is to buy the crane and the other is to rent the crane for the time that you need it. For the purposes of this article, we will be encouraging you to hire the crane that you need from local crane companies in Perth. Hopefully these reasons for renting will help you to make the right purchasing or rental decision for your business.

  • It comes with an operator – If you buy the crane then you’re going to have to hire a full-time employee to operate the crane and so this is money that you will now be spending of the course of any business year. If you hire the crane on the other hand, you will be supplied with an operator that has already been trained and who also understands the health and safety involved in operating such a large piece of equipment.
  • Little maintenance on your part – Clearly the plant hire company will require you to do the minimum of maintenance to make sure that the crane is able to operate properly, but for all other important maintenance schedules, this will all be taking care of for you. If the crane does need essential maintenance or it does break down on the job, they will gladly come out to the site and perform everything that needs to be done for you.

Think of the amount of money that it’s gone to take to buy a crane and then think about the amount of money that it is going to take to hire one and this is a no-brainer. The other beautiful thing is that you can factor in the cost of hiring the crane for any contract that you wish to pursue and so essentially, the crane hire is paid for by the customer. Hopefully these two reasons will encourage you to rent a crane rather than purchase one.

Post Author: Hattie Braden