The Advantages of Virtual AGMs

Virtual AGM is becoming increasingly popular among investment companies and private-equity firms. With their simple, yet powerful, format, these live webcasts allow investors to take advantage of the annual general meeting live interactively.

 Whereas before the general meeting was conducted behind closed doors at the offices of the board of directors, today’s modern AGMs are held in a wide variety of venues, including chat rooms, transformers, video conferencing, and even the old standby, the boardroom.

 But where does this leave investors? And what advantages do these modern webcast platforms provide?

Firstly, online video conferencing has significantly reduced the costs associated with conducting a live event. Many investors have spent heavily during the past, simply to travel to meetings and be unable to participate.

Likewise, many companies have outsourced their internal telephone systems, which limits the amount of time that investors have to spend on-site in a constructive manner. By allowing investors to connect via a webcam and text messaging programs, companies have increased their productivity while simultaneously reducing their overhead.

Secondly, the convenience provided by webcasting greatly enhances the experience of attending a live AGM. Instead of having to leave work or home, deal with traffic, and find parking, investors can now sit in the comfort of their own offices and participate in an engaging session.

 Through a variety of tools, investors may also be able to view presentations and listen to other participants with a full audio track. Some systems even have the option of streaming videos, so that those investors with a poor or slow internet connection don’t miss out on the benefits of the annual general meeting.

With the convenience provided by these new systems, investing may once again become more interesting and enjoyable.

Post Author: Hattie Braden