Knowing About Non-Explosive Concrete Demolition

Old concrete surfaces that have been damaged beyond repair must be first demolished, following which the foundation can be corrected for new construction. For many years, concrete demolition was done using specific kind of explosives. The explosions were done in a controlled manner, which would break the concrete apart for easy removal. However, nowadays, many businesses and contractors prefer non-explosive demolition, which doesn’t require any explosives buy rely on selected chemical agents. There are companies that specialize in making such demolition agents, which also have other applications, including quarrying. Here is a quick overview of related aspects.

How does it work?

When explosives are used for concrete demolition, the first step is to drill holes in the concrete, through which the explosives are used. The same process is followed here too. Holes are created in concrete, through which a mixture or slurry of non-explosive demolition agent along with water is poured. The slurry, because of the presence of selected chemicals, will expand underneath the surface of the concrete, which will crack the concrete for easy removal. Non-explosive demolition has some serious advantages that cannot be ignored.

Knowing the advantages

Unlike explosives that are used for demolition, the non-explosive demolition agents do not cause sound and are silent. There are also no vibrations caused, so surrounding structures don’t have to bear the brunt. While conventional explosives are used even now and are cheaper for sure, but non-explosive demolition products for concrete do the same job with lesser risk and better efficiency. The use of explosives is regulated in many regions, and for such areas, non-explosive demolition agents are the only options available.

Other things to know

In general, the main chemical used in making such agents is calcium oxide, which is then mixed with some modifiers and sometimes with Portland cement. If you are looking for non-explosive demolition agents, make sure that you work with a company is known for its range of similar products, and they should be able to offer complete insight on applications. It is also a wise idea to check for concrete repair epoxies, which are handy for repairs, in case you don’t want to go ahead with demolition right away.

Check online now to find more on non-explosive demolition agents and products. Make sure that the manufacturer is willing to answer your questions and their products are suitable for your commercial demolition needs. Overall product reviews and efficiency must be considered.

Post Author: Hattie Braden