Commercial Window Cleaning In Glasgow: Look For Reach & Wash Systems!

Window cleaning is one of the basic premise maintenance tasks, and it’s often outsourced to specialized services. There are numerous local companies that specialize in commercial window cleaning Glasgow, but as in industry, not all services are same. If you want immaculate cleaning results without spending more, you should find a company uses Reach & Wash systems. This is one of the advanced ways to clean commercial windows, but without the risk of ladders and buckets. Here’s a quick overview of the process.

What is Reach & Wash system for window cleaning?

As the name indicates, Reach & Wash systems rely on water-fed telescopic poles, which reach the windows directly for perfect cleaning. This specific approach has changed the industry entirely and can be used for cleaning windows way up to 6 floors, or 70-feet! Reach & Wash systems can be used for cleaning windows, glass roofs, and other facades, and the process is absolutely safe, even for workers. The system also cleans frames easily, so your window panes will look clean and well-maintained all the time.

Previously, height-related accidents were not uncommon in the industry, especially when ladders and cradles were used, but Reach & Wash systems mitigate those risks. Even inaccessible windows can be cleaned easily with these systems, and the process relies on simple cleaning products, so there are no concerns with regards to environmental impact.

How to find the right service in Glasgow?

Only selected companies in Glasgow have invested in Reach & Wash systems, so do your homework when it comes to shortlisting names. Does this mean that traditional window cleaning methods are not viable anymore? Not really. For windows that are easily accessible, standard means of cleaning can be deployed by workers. Reach & Wash systems are just safer and better for cleaning facades that are otherwise hard to clean or reach.

Contact the local company you have selected for a quick quote, which will be offered after the premises have been inspected. Make sure that you get some assurance/warranty on the job, and hire a service that takes your requirements on priority and is accessible. To know a company more, it is also okay to ask for references.

Final word

Many commercial window cleaners in Glasgow are promoting this cleaning technique, because it doesn’t compromise on the results and is also better for their operatives. You may ask for a detailed overview of the process before you agree to the estimate.

Post Author: Hattie Braden