3 Ways to Improve Treatment & Patient Satisfaction with Quality Signage

Medical centres such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes all stand to benefit from good quality signage. They help people find their way and they make the entire experience a lot more convenient. Healthcare is continuing to change, and medical centres are making use of all kinds of technology online. But none of these modifications mean anything if you can’t find your way around the building.

  • Showing the Way

As visitors or patients to a medical facility, we need to be given direction when making our way around the building. When a health care centre needs to show visitors where to go during an emergency, they depend on signage to draw attention and communicate clearly. If you are looking for the cheapest vinyl shop (known as ร้านป้ายไวนิลราคาถูก in Thai) in Bangkok that specialises in custom made signs for medical facilities, there are plenty of first-class outlets. When you enter a hospital with an emergency, you want to be shown the way and not have to deal with non-existing signs that leave you annoyed and confused.

  • Promoting the Brand

Many private health care centres use good signage to promote their brand and convey a message to the community. If a sign is effective, it will create a strong first impression between patients and the facility. When others are looking for the medical facility, they’ll find it easy to locate as attractive signage will show them the way. As they make their way inside, visually appealing hospital and clinic lobby signs and medical reception displays welcome visitors and introduce them to the wayfinding process. It is almost a beacon that guides visitors to the information centre of the medical facility.

  • Identify Specific Areas

The first time you enter a hospital you’ll have no idea where you are going. This can make you late for important appointments and you can sometimes get lost wandering around the hospital or medical centre. Good signage helps to accelerate patient check in times and it immediately provides direction. Imagine rushing into the hospital to see a loved one who has just been in an accident and you cannot locate the emergency room.

There are just three ways in which good quality signage can make medical centre visits much more convenient. Most of us don’t like visiting the doctor or going to see a loved one in hospital and this is understandable. But when we do, we must be met with signage that improves our visit and provides useful information.

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Post Author: Hattie Braden